Zsolt Miklos Bartha Zitting


+1 (385) 255-6738



I'm an enthusiastic person that is always ready to tackle the next challenge. I'm always up for something new, and love solving problems as efficiently as possible.


  • Technologies:
    • Ruby | Rails
    • C#
    • Python
    • C/C++ | SDL2
    • PHP
    • HTML5 | Bootstrap
    • CSS3
    • Lua
    • Z80/x86 Assembly
  • Spoken Languages:
    • Hungarian - ILR Level 5 fluency (native)
    • English - ILR Level 5 fluency (bilingual)
    • Japanese - ILR Level 1 proficiency (learning)


Rails QA Engineer - Acima 03/2022 - 03/2023

Tested and prevented regressions within company internal infrastructure written in Rails. Worked closely with internal developers to fix any errors encountered and to ensure further reliability.

Lead Game Developer - HarpNet Studios 12/2017 - Present

Constructed and designed a retro Quake-style first-person shooter using an in-house engine, written in C++, with an emphasis on community-driven content and performant, fast-paced gameplay.

Lead Web Developer - HarpNet Studios 06/2012 - Present

Authored a website from scratch using PHP, MariaDB, Bootstrap and HTML5 that allows users to access HarpNet Studios products and interact with the community.


Backroom / Stocker, Electronics Associate - Wal-Mart 08/2017 - 02/2018

Here I learned to efficiently unpack a truck full of merchandise, sort it into it's respective departments, and take it where it needed to go. I also learned how to operate a cash register in the electronics section, and helped customers find what they needed.

Team Member - KFC 06/2018 - 09/2018

Here I was tasked with taking people's food orders, operating the cash registers, packing them and making sure we had all of the food items that were projected for the hour. It was also my responsibility to address the customer's concerns to the best of my abilities, or redirect their concerns to the manager.

Team Member - Wendy's 10/2018 - 01/2019

Here I was in charge of taking orders through the drive-thru speaker marking everything down in the register if an attempt to get the customer's order out as quickly as possible. I was also in charge of making sure I had a clean workspace at all time, so increase my productivity and the productivity of my fellow team members.

Construction Laborer - All States Mechanical, LLC 06/2019 - 08/2021

In this position I was part of a team, being an all-around helper, doing whatever tasks needed to be completed around the jobsite. I was also responsible for jobsite cleanup, cleaning up construction debris and other items.


Itineris Early College High School 2015 - 2016

Utah Workforce Services Education Program 2018 - 2021


High School Diploma (GED College-Ready) 03/2021