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Carmine Impact

my main project, a game about moving fast, shooting things, and silly anime girls (eventually).


a server emulator for the arcade game WACCA written in ruby on rails.


a tool written in python which tries to determine what game engines were used for the games in your library.


a Discord bot written in ruby, built specifically to integrate with HarpNet Studios services.


a library written in C# for interfacing with the WACCA "Console", the ring controller.


a library written in C# for reading and writing various file formats from LEGO Stunt Rally.

LSR Version Manager

a tool to make using multiple installs of LEGO Stunt Rally easier!


a website that allows you to visualize WACCA charts in your browser.

originally by esterTion, improved by me.


an open source recreation of a programming game designed for a college competition by Symantec.


a ruby gem to validate vehicle registration plate serials in a variety of US states.


a minecraft 1.12.2 server reimplementation, written from scratch in .net 8.

very experimental, not intended to be used.


a knowledge base website for all things WACCA.


the Stunt Rally Toolbox, allows for viewing and editing various files from LEGO Stunt Rally.

this very site you are on right now!

Zineth Community Edition

a mod for the game zineth to polish and improve the game after it's final release.

former projects


a simple file uploader, based off pomf.



a simple program written in C# that allows you to generate various permutations of minecraft seeds.